About Us


Our Goal:

Our goal includes medical instruction to the community, working with other EMS, fire and rescue services to provide comprehensive coverage. We strive to provide timely medical intervention and patient information for hospital commands, evaluation and instruction. Through the utilization of both traditional and non-traditional programs (i.e. substations, global positioning, acute business planning, etc.), Bushkill Emergency Corps. will endeavor to help soothe the unpreventable distress experienced by our patients and their families.

A primary function of our existence is to ensure pre-hospital care does not deteriorate and ensure that the public is provided quality emergency care regardless of economic conditions and non-emergency medical care at reasonable cost to the patient. Providing for our patient's well-being is our most important concern.



Always call 911 in an emergency to contact us.

Teach children how to use 911.

Write down detailed directions to your home and keep by your phone (it is sometimes hard to think during an emergency).


Have a list of family members' medications, allergies, past medical history, and insurance information readily available.

Move all furniture out of the way to make a "path".

Place all dogs and cats in a separate room with the door closed.

Keep talking to patient, and don't give them anything to eat or drink.

Have someone looking for the ambulance or park a car at the end of your driveway with its four-way flashers on.

Make sure your house is well marked. (We have reflective number signs available.)

In the winter, always have the driveway, a path, and steps cleared of the snow and ice.


Contact us:

Bushkill Emergency Corps


P.O. Box 174, Bushkill, Pa , 18324

fax 570-223-7470