2 Years

Alyson Wilder

Tarah Decker

Rosie Guterriez

Eric Cinotti

Anton Toryak

5 Years

Jess Bolger

Kevin Dymond

20 Years

Susanne Duffy

25 Years

Raymond M. Felmly

35 Years

Gail Kulick

Special Awards

Annual Awards Dinner 11/25/17

Appreciation awards presented to:

Steve Kulick

Dawn Stout

Volunteer of the Year Award:

Jon Kulick-Cummins

Jamal Johnson

A message from Rolf Mielzarek, rescued pilot 1996:

Twenty-one years ago I arrived here as the consequence of my plane crash. Fortunately, there was a community of people like you who daily reach out to people like me with your dedication and skill. You, not only extend the gift of life and health to those who are in desparate need, you make this world a better place. In a time when we live deep in the shadow of cynicism and self absorption, you are a becon of light and hope. I am honored to have had you come into my life. You have helped me be a better and more caring person because of your life intersecting mine, Thank you.