No one can predict when a tragedy may strike.  What's important is that the critical lifesaving services are there when you need them.  Along with police and fire services, EMS serves as a vital link to help when it's needed.  These are all services that must never be taken for granted.     


       During the most critical times, these are the agencies that help us bridge the gap between crisis and solution.  Bushkill Emergency Corps. is proud to serve our neighbors and visitors, playing a vital role in our community. 

      Once again, it is time for Bushkill Emergency Corps' annual subscription drive.  Your annual support helps Bushkill Emergency Corps. provide the best emergency pre-hospital care possible to our residents and visitors.

       We bill most insurance companies directly.  Some insurance carriers issue checks directly to you, the patient/subscriber.  When payment (or denial of payment) is made, you are required to submit directly to Bushkill Emergency Corps. the Explanation of Benefits and the endorsed check.  Failure to comply would be fraudulent under our subscription agreement and consequently void your subscription benefits.      

       With the ever-increasing changes in healthcare, most HMO, and related programs, requires all emergency care be reported within 48 hours of a claim in order to be covered.  Please remember to do this.  Not doing so will nullify your benefits under our subscription plan.  Hence, you, the subscriber, would be responsible for any expenses incurred for our services.


A subscription cost $70.00


Click on "subscription form" on the navigation bar to print out an application.