Bushkill Emergency Corps


Events mark saving of lives, start of New Year

reprinted from an article appearing in Pike & Monroe Life on December 13, 2012

This is the time of year when celebrations abound. It's also the time of year when recognition for jobs well done is extended with a kind smile and hearty handshake. Two events that spotlight celebration are noteworthy this week. One is the annual service awards dinner recently held by Bushkill Emergency Corps, and the other is one that will help ring in the New Year.

Each year Bushkill Emergency Corps honors those volunteers who have reached milestone years in volunteer service. This year the organization recognized the following volunteers for years of service: Judy Ciccone and Stephanie Ciccone for two years of service each, Bruno Hennings for five years, Susanne Duffy for 15 years and Nancy Felmly for 20 years.

As volunteers do everywhere, these people give their time and talent to serve their community. Congratulations. These accomplishments don't come easily. In addition to these awards, eight individuals received CPR "save" pins for successful CPR resuscitations during the past year.

These awards went to Ryan Felmly, Judy Ciccone, Kevin Dymond, Chad Oliver, Bruno Hennings, Susanne Duffy, Kristen LeFebvre and Joseph Bolger. Successful CPR saves are the reward themselves, but taking time to recognize those who have achieved it reminds everyone how important it is to learn this vital life-saving skill.